[ Baba Quartz ]

Care & Maintenance

  1. Like all fine materials, Baba Quartz responds best when handled with due care and attention. Remember, it is always easier to wipe up a spill than it is to handle a dried-on stain. Just wipe away any spilled food before it turns into a permanent stain.
  2. Remember that detergents containing bleach and hard scouring granules may harm surfaces over time. Therefore, pay due attention in your detergent selection by never using cleaning products that contain soft or hard scouring granules such as Vim Scouring Powder or Cif Cream.
  3. Products with pH close to neutral or with reduced pH effect (general cleaning products which may be commercially available on shelves) may be used at all times. However, prolonged contact with decalcifiers and products containing decalcifying agents as well as oil solvents and products containing oil solvents must be avoided.
  4. Gently scrape away a plastic spatula amny spills of paint, nail enamel, chewing gum, mustard and grease that become hard to remove when dried. Then cleanse the surface with water.
  5. Quartz, being one of the hardest minerals on earth, offers Baba Quartz an unparalleled strength and durability that prevent easy scratching and damage. Still, as with any surface, Baba Quartz can be permanently damaged by exposure to strong forces that undermine its physical properties. In order for your countertop to maintain its good looks for many years, always use a bread / chopping board and a table mat (trivet).